The Scotram Cult of Paraguay

John Scotram, a self-proclaimed prophet, believes that he is the angel Gabriel. And he claims that Jesus is coming again on May 6, 2019. UPDATE 5/14/19: He didn’t.

Gerhard Traweger, Robert Dickinson, the angel Gabriel (aka John Scotram, not his real name), Ray Dickinson

Left to Right: Gerhard Traweger, Robert Dickinson, the angel Gabriel (aka John Scotram, not his real name), Ray Dickinson

The SDA Church has spawned many small groups of terribly earnest believers, some of whom interpret their breakaway from the parent church as fulfillment of Bible prophecy. They become, to themselves if not to anyone outside their insular bubble, the One True Church. Ever since the SDA Church made this claim about itself, it has spun off innumerable tiny congregations, which then make the same claim about themselves. 

One such group formed around the beginning of the 2010s, founded by a man from Germany known by his pseudonym John Scotram. I don’t know if his real name is ever revealed, but in their private forums, he’s going by the name Stephen Johannes. Who knows, perhaps that’s just another fake name.

Screenshot of

Scotram’s little group is physically located in Paraguay, but they are legally incorporated in Delaware as a for-profit corporation known as the High Sabbath Adventist Society, LLC. When they sucker people into donating to them, that’s where they send it:

A Prophetic Movement OR A For-Profit Company? Can you be both?

On Facebook I occasionally check out ex-Adventist groups. One of Scotram’s followers, a man named Robert Dickinson (pictured above), frequently singled my comments out and replied to them. That contact is what started my journey down this rabbit-hole.

SDAs, like many groups focused on the Second Coming of Christ, officially avoid the pitfalls of date-setting. Their founder, William Miller, quite famously entered the history books as one of the most conspicuous failed date-setters, and they have no desire to repeat the “Great Disappointment,” which is what they call Miller’s fiasco.

Scotram not only fell into the trap of date-setting, he did it with such wild abandon, my morbid curiosity overcame any good sense I should have had to prevent myself from burning up so many hours poring over his voluminous, monotonous writings. One fascination drawing me in was Scotram’s gift for seizing on random observations by himself or others and elevating them to the status of revealed truth from God. Also, his ability to construct streams of consciousness bouncing from one elevated random thought to the next, incorporating math, physics, movie references (like The Matrix), astrology, astronomy, and the random observations of fellow shysters on YouTube (find one linked at the end of this post). The balls on this guy!

I subscribed to his mailing list a while ago, which was always good for a chuckle. Soon enough, I realized that 2019 was the year of the second coming according to Scotram’s BS blathering, so I couldn’t resist devoting a few extra processing cycles to tracking this train wreck. I had to wonder, what is going happen on May 6, when Jesus doesn’t show up for these pitiful deluded souls?

Up until recently, they published all their articles on their highly polished website, known as the White Cloud Farm, The site remains, but every link to every article now points to their two books. Apparently, they only want the two books to speak for them now. Of course, if you care to trudge through the backup made at, you could do that. They also had a YouTube channel, which they’ve since deleted. And Scotram has deleted his Twitter account. I’m not on Facebook, but I assume the same goes for that platform.

I will leave you with the most amazing claim made by Scotram I’ve yet found. As you can read below, in a long passage reproduced from what they claim is their ‘last message to Earth’, Scotram says that the angel Gabriel was incarnated (meaning born as a human being on Earth) as… wait for it… himself! Yeah, it’s come to that; his poor followers have to convince themselves that this long-winded German ex-pat holed up on a compound in Paraguay is none other than Jesus’ best bud angel friend, Gabriel, in the flesh. Yikes, I thought I had it bad just trying to accept that Ellen White was a prophet…

Here is the extended excerpt from Scotram’s recently released book on Amazon, “The Mystery of the Holy City”, Part III, pages 163-167:

  Gabriel, who was himself an immortal angel, was given the secret mission of carrying the protective seal of God, as a human being, to the church of Philadelphia, which was to be kept from the hour of trial:

Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. (Revelation 3:10-11)

  Hold on tightly to your crown of life, which you will now receive through the special seal of God, near the end of the twice-1260 days of all the writings of the fourth angel, which are divided in two by the Old and New Time Proclamations! Ever since Gabriel’s mission began on the earth as the “fourth angel” in the flesh, Satan has been persecuting and silencing him. Of those years, however, the worst were the “1260 days” after Satan incarnate took away the daily. [18]
   God, who is also Time, foresaw when Satan would take a fleshly form as the future “angel of light. ” Unlike Gabriel, Satan had been banished to the earth for millennia, and had already possessed many human bodies. He would never humble himself so far as to come as a baby! He would choose the cadaver of a man who had sold his soul to him and had pronounced the Jesuit vow. In addition, this person had to have a thriving career as a Catholic priest, because Satan and his demons in the Vatican wanted to promote this person so much, that he would one day sit on the throne of the papacy. The so-called ordination to the priesthood, after all his theological studies, is the most important act of devotion to the holy brotherhood through the sacrament of the Holy Orders. “It is the mission and authority to act in the name of Christ for the Church. ”[19] This was the opportunity Satan had been waiting for, and he sought the most corrupt Jesuit character for the plan of his next (and last) “incarnation.” The act of taking over the human shell was to take place on the occasion of the “consecration” of this man, who from then on would dare to claim that he was “acting in the name of Christ.”

   On December 13, 1969, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was ordained a priest by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano in Córdoba, Argentina. Satan’s spirit was transferred to the man who was foretold in the Bible as Gog of Magog, by the laying on of hands by his demons. The day was not chosen by chance. Satan is well aware of the tribal and apostolic ordinances of the Mazzaroth. Here is the astronomical “birth chart”of his final incarnation:

   It could not be more appropriate: the sun is in Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer and 13th constellation of the zodiac, which corresponds to the time of the eagle (Aquila) and the tribe of Manasseh for us, since we know there is no thirteenth constellation in the Mazzaroth. For Satan, however, it is the serpent-bearer, the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who was chosen to carry the “serpent” in himself from that time forward.

   Satanists, who belong to the serpent-bearer’s tribe, say:

The Serpent-bearer, in the opinion of some, refers to the brotherhood of the serpent, which is believed to have originated in Babylon. This brotherhood is also alternatively called the Illuminati, which has supposedly also left behind multiple 13’s on the seal of the United States. (Translated)

  Of course, we could also treat him as the scorpion (Scorpio), because he is no longer an eagle in heaven. According to the ancient myths, the scorpion stings Orion in the heel, which corresponds to the divine prophecy of Genesis 3:15.

  The scorpion was assigned to the tribe of Dan, which Judas Iscariot emerged from, before Dan was replaced by Manasseh due to Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Satan loves to enter into people of this tribe:[20]

Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve. (Luke 22:3)

   It doesn’t get more satanic than that! Or does it?

  What is the apostle-related constellation of this priest and now pope Satan-Bergoglio? As you can see above, his incarnation moon is in the constellation for Matthew. He has nothing in common with the good apostle, of course, but he chose this segment because it belongs to Capricorn, the constellation of the goat fish,[21] which in Satanism represents Satan in person.

  Exactly the two constellations that are so problematic that one of them even had to be replaced by the eagle (Aquila), mark the most evil of all beings who is playing the role of an angel of light through a counterfeit “incarnation” and seducing everyone on the earth. I’m just saying that the number of this person is truly 666; all of the angel’s wings were rightfully plucked out!

  The angel Gabriel descended from heaven and was born as an infant on August 6, 1959, 15 minutes after midnight in Munich, Germany, amid serious complications,[22] [footnote 22: Both mother and child nearly died during birth. The pregnancy of my mother was completely normal, but according to the medical calculations, I should have been born on August 5. For unknown reasons, the birth was delayed when suddenly—on the night of August 6—my mother began bleeding heavily. She was driven in an ambulance to “Rechts der Isar” hospital, where the doctors began operating immediately. My mother‘s uterus was so badly injured that she could not have any more children. I was almost dead when I was resuscitated. Satan was trying to kill me even then. His attacks on my life continued throughout my childhood, youth and even adulthood, but we can talk about all that in eternity. There is not enough space here to describe how often Jesus and the guardian angels intervened so that I can sit here and write down this message for the 144,000. ↑]  about 10 years before Satan dwelt among the people in the flesh of Bergoglio. You know I belong to the house Joseph because at my birth the sun was in Cancer, where the 144,000 were also hidden in the “Beehive Cluster.” The moon was at the right foot of the Lion, very close to His heart and His sickle, representative of the place where Gabriel’s star Saiph is located in Orion.[23]

  But the most astonishing thing is that your fellow servant thus belongs to the apostle Peter, whom Jesus already once laid great responsibility upon.

   I do not mean this:

Jesus continued: “I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  The word Peter signifies a stone—a rolling stone. Peter was not the rock upon which the church was founded. The gates of hell did prevail against him when he denied his Lord with cursing and swearing. The church was built upon One against whom the gates of hell could not prevail. {DA 412.4}

   But this:

Now his self-confidence was gone. Never again were the old boastful assertions repeated. Christ after His resurrection thrice tested Peter. “Simon, son of Jonas,” He said, “lovest thou Me more than these?” Peter did not now exalt himself above his brethren. He appealed to the One who could read His heart. “Lord,” he said, “Thou knowest all things; Thou knowest that I love Thee.” John 21:15, 17. Then he received his commission. A work broader and more delicate than had heretofore been his was appointed him. Christ bade him feed the sheep and the lambs. In thus committing to his stewardship the souls for whom the Saviour had laid down his own life, Christ gave to Peter the strongest proof of confidence in his restoration. The once restless, boastful, self-confident disciple had become subdued and contrite. Henceforth he followed his Lord in self-denial and self-sacrifice. He was a partaker of Christ’s sufferings; and when Christ shall sit upon the throne of His glory, Peter will be a partaker in His glory. {COL 154.1-154.3}

  My spiral arm is the Sagittarius Arm of the east, and my segment of the Milky Way contains the region of the Orion Arm that includes the Orion constellation and the sun that the earth revolves around. It has always been my job to protect life on the earth, and that’s why I was allowed to accompany Jesus throughout His earthly life, as the messenger of God informed us.[24] I am glad that I will see Him again soon! May He then wipe the tears of shame from my eyes.

  There are many high angels around the throne of God, but only two “sons of oil,” who were permitted to become humans: the non-created Son of the Almighty and one Son-created “man of God”. Notice, however: there is only One, whose name shall be worshiped and honored for all eternity by the whole universe: Alnitak, the wounded One! Only in Him is salvation, and only through Him can one come to the Father! My earthly name is a pseudonym because it was and is not important.

  The clock with the rider on the horses will cease to exist when Alnitak’s gamma-ray burst eradicates sin! Then the projector will be turned off, and God’s reality will appear. This will end the cycle of sin. The passage into the Kingdom of God in the Orion Nebula is still open, though, for those who grasp the hand of Jesus Alnitak in time, like the rider on the four horses did.

The New Seal Question and Its Answer

If you have read this far, and you have not been offended by the two preceding chapters and my claim to be not only the prophesied last Elijah, but also the incarnate least of the created ones of heaven, then you have favorably answered a question similar to that which Jesus posed regarding Himself.

When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? (Matthew 16:13-15)

Much of what we answer to questions of faith is groundbreaking for our eternal destiny. But nothing is as crucial as answering Jesus’ question the same way that Peter did:

And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 16:16-17)

Much of what you’ve learned in the years since 2010 could not have been searched out by even “the brightest of earth’s intellects. ”[25] The Father knew that, and in His infinite love He sent help for the last generation of His faithful ones. You are highly blessed that Heaven is with you, and the Eternal Father has decided to give you His counsel and His times.

In his most recent writings, Scotram relies heavily on the “prophecies” of a Pennsylvania woman whose channel, GodsHealer7 on Youtube, can be viewed here:

UPDATE 5/14/2019: The 44 souls in Paraguay seem to be soldiering on after their latest Great Disappointment, according to Scotram’s newsletter dated May 11. He’s busy re-jigging his infinitely intricate obfuscations. This will never end.

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