We’ve Moved

My blog is officially moved in! I imported it into the latest edition of WordPress on my Ubuntu LAMP server. I updated it to look its best in its new home. This is the first new post from that local server.

Since the last post, I looked into Plone and other more security conscious CMS platforms, trying them out on Linux test beds. I finally returned to WordPress after another look at it. I feel confident enough in WordPress security to entrust my efforts to it going forward.

I’m still tweaking a few stray broken URLs and dialing in the theme to what I want, but it’s basically ready for relaunch. I even invested in a few new domain names: jimmiles.org, jimmiles.blog, and jimmiles.online.

Even though I’m self-hosting, I’m using Amazon’s S3 cloud storage as cache, so I’m not too worried about stressing out my little old home server box.