We’re Moving

I’m planning on moving this blog to a server that I’ve set up in my home.  I want to do this mainly to see whether this is even possible for me, or practical. And also if I have the know-how to do it.  Also, I think I might migrate away from the WordPress platform. I’ve been researching alternative CMS’s and platforms and even self-coding. Although the Internet is certainly in deep love with WordPress, it’s not a blogger’s only, or even necessarily best, option.

Blogger and… More?

My needs are fairly simple: occasional blogging, and even less occasional long-form writing. That’s my current menu of interests. However, I wonder if that might grow if I found it possible to be in complete control of my own content, down to the server hosting it. I am following closely the troubles with de-monetization and censorship plaguing the podcasters and YouTubers out there who don’t agree with Google and Youtube’s ever-narrowing definitions of political correctness.

Freeing My Speech

Now, I don’t have a radical agenda hiding in here. It’s just that I value the first amendment right to free speech. I agree with many who assert that freedom of speech is the foundational value. All other good things which civilization brings to liberal societies flow from the freedom to say and discuss whatever the hell you want. Threats to free speech constitute the biggest dangers to free society. Such threats should be monitored and pushed back against vigorously.

With that in mind, I am wondering if I wouldn’t like to try my hand at self-hosting a variety of content. At this point, that’s audio, video, and text writings, to see how that works. To see if it’s an inspiration to produce more content, knowing that no corporate overlords can threaten to censor me. I’m not in this for money. I’m in it to enjoy the values enshrined in the US Constitution. Above all, to learn what I am interested in.

Anyway, stay tuned for more on this transition.