Moved Again

Okay, so the experiment is over, and the results are in:

It wasn’t possible for me to unleash the real power of WordPress from my rinky-dink dinosaur of a home server. Fun and instructive as a test-bed, but not good for the real world.

So, I found a good, inexpensive online server (, and here it is.

Much faster, more responsive, easy to wipe clean and start over, they load your Linux flavor of choice for you, all in blazing fast time.

Now you have a Linux server command line, and complete freedom to use it as you wish.

And plenty of space to use it in.

Welcome, to the real world.

Reader Comments

  1. So, a few more months in, and my mind is changing about SolvedByData. The downtime is fairly significant. I use jetpack so it emails me when my blog goes down, and the first few times it happened, I traced the cause back to SolvedByData. I opened a support ticket, they solved the problem without much explanation, even when I requested some info on why it was happening.

    So, the downtimes are fairly regular now. They often are not more than several hours long, but if I was running anything more than an online journal, I would already have switched providers. As it is, they’re the cheapest I can find, and with a recent move, I’m cash-strapped. Very soon, though I expect to switch to a more reliable VPS provider.

  2. Mind if I ask how you’re liking SolvedByData so far? I’ve been looking at signing up with them, but the company is so new that there’s virtually no reviews out there yet. Googling their name eventually led me to this post where you mention then 🙂

    Good uptime? Good support?

    1. Yeah, a few months in, and so far I have no complaints. I should’ve gone this route a long time ago. Zero down time, and I haven’t needed support yet, everything “just works”. Good luck to you.

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