Catching Up

It’s been the better part of a year since the last post, although my Twenty-five Years in the Seventh-day Adventist Church post continues to draw comments and I reply to each one.

We’ve had a bitter and contentious election season, and somehow elected a bitter and contentious person to the office of President of the United States. Way too much being written/ Youtube-d/ podcasted about that fiasco for me to bother adding any more than I just did.

Speaking of which, podcasts have continued to skyrocket in popularity, enabling some rising stars to catch my attention. Here’s my current faves:

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz, a too-short, very sweet occasionally published dive into interesting sounds. Created by a film and game sound effects house, it offers compelling background info on a topic which has always obsessed me: sound.
  • The Rubin Report, Dave Rubin’s audio version of his YouTube channel. He’s gone completely Patreon/subscriber funded, and that’s enabled him to build his own studio, and say whatever the hell he wants, and interview anyone, penalty free. This makes for some terribly informative listening.
  • Penn Jillette’s Sunday School is fairly narrow in demographic, but I happen to fit into it: fans of magic, of Penn and Teller, and those interested in libertarianism. I started listening during the middle of last year, and it helped me comprehend that much-maligned political doctrine, and fleshed out a little of candidate Gary Johnson’s background for me. The format is long and rambling, and seems like you just entered a long-running conversation between three best friends. It’s not for everyone, but it has never failed to crack me up.

I’ve moved over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios merchandise from the Magic Kingdom. I’m glad I did my first three years at Disney at the busiest, most intense park, but I’m thrilled to be away from the madness and chaos. Just ask anyone you know who’s ever worked at MK or even an annual passholder or vacation club member; they’ll help you understand that madness. It’s a wonderful place to visit, but I’m not sure I could handle ever working there again.

DHS is more my speed, and yes, I realize that it’s about to get a LOT busier, when they finish Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land (2019-ish?). That’s okay. First of all, I’m more of a fan of Star Wars than probably any other aspect of Disney; those geeky, nerdy, Star Wars fans the world over are my tribe, and I love meeting them every day. Also, I’m not intimidated by crowds or busy shifts; I routinely tell my coworkers and guests that I can’t wait for the opening day of Star Wars Land, and I hope I get to work that day, since it will be so insane as not to be missed!

I’m re-watching Neil deGrasse Tyson’s version of Cosmos on Netflix. I have lately been delving deep into my interests in evolution and pondering the question of where we came from. This series is a must-see for anyone….period! And just finished reading Stephen Baxter’s Evolution: A Novel, which has one of the most sweeping story arc’s I’ve ever encountered (including Asimov’s Foundation series).

Thanks to a new friend (Stephen Barry), I’ve discovered and uploaded all the homemade electronica tracks I had previously showcased on The latter’s interface and players are still superior to almost any other available for free online. But bandcamp allows monetization quickly, easily, and for a reasonable price. I’ve also created a bandcamp site for my wife’s piano CD, An Offering.

I’ve also created a mirror to this site, just because I can and because it offers a different selection of themes. I think I like the look of it better.

That’s the news for now. Thanks for reading.